Mauro Ottolini and Fabrizio Bosso, two of the most important brass instruments in Italian jazz, share the leadership of “Storyville Story”, moving on a common and congenial ground for both: a musical journey to discover New Orleans. The focus is on primeval jazz, with a choral vocation and primordial intensity, which tells stories of men and women, of music, love, missing money, gambling. Vanessa Tagliabue Yorke is one of the greatest experts in the traditional jazz repertoire, an elegant interpreter with a meticulous pronunciation, whose vocal intensity is well combined with the lyrical purity of Ottolini’s trombone and with the vibrant and charismatic trumpet of Fabrizio Bosso.

In short, a small and meticulous portrait of New Orleans in the early twentieth century. This repertoire has been largely forgotten despite its wealth of musical ideas that are still relevant today. Among the authors, William Christopher Handy stands out, known as the father of the blues.

Mauro Ottolini Alba Jazz © Roberto Cifarelli

With his amazing compositive attitude, Handy gave birth to hundreds of poly-thematic and blues-rich songs that became a fundamental repertoire for musicians of his time being performed by fundamental personalities of jazz music such as Louis Armstrong, the Original Dixieland Jazz Band, Jelly Roll Morton , Sidney Bechet, King Oliver, Fats Waller, Sweet Emma Barrett, Lil Hardin.

Ottolini has transcribed and arranged some of the most representative songs giving them a personal and creative touch, but always being respectful of the original traits, cutting them to measure for a prestigious formation, with soloists who boast a particular affinity for the New Orleans style. Fabrizio Bosso, whose original voice and extraordinary technique have as time has gone by resounded all over the world, highlighting him as one of the greatest trumpet artists, expresses in this project his personal approach with the jazz of the origins, in an enthralling energy

Mauro Ottolini trombone, arrangements
Fabrizio Bosso trumpet
Vanessa Tagliabue Yorke vocals
Glauco Benedetti sousaphone
Giulio Scaramella piano
Paolo Mappa drums