We Like It Hot

Vanessa Tagliabue Yorke “We Like It Hot”

Vanessa Tagliabue Yorke – voice
Francesco Bearzatti – clarinet  (Prix du Musicien European 2011 Academie de Jazz)
Mauro Ottolini – trombone  (Best Italian Musician Top Of Jazz 2012)
Paolo Birro – piano 

by Sergio Spada

These are extraordinary musicians, however, I would say whatever they do. They are part of the elite of Italian jazz, that of unquestionable quality, beyond the popularity linked to the sales of copies that, as we know, today is quite stingy. Many people have already listened to the precious, ductile, multifaceted voice of Vanessa, an artist as modest as she is good. Especially in the works alongside the extensive training of Mauro Ottolini (most of them published by Parco Della Musica Records, Rome) often dedicated to the pioneering phases of jazz. In this case and with a reduced but very high caliber training (excellent Paolo Birro at piano, and Francesco Bearzatti here at the measured and delicious clarinet) Vanessa dedicates herself to homage the rare and precious figure of Annette Hanshaw. Carrying us gently away, the voice of Vanessa explores songs that frame a moment in the history of jazz music, which would later originate many other precious gems. This fine musicians accompany it with discretion, but carving out significant spaces as soloists, in a state of grace. The result, far from being a mere tribute, spurs personality and charm from every pore, for the joy to be shared by a very pleasant listening.