Vanessa Tagliabue Yorke voice, compositions, arrangements
Paolo Birro piano
Enrico Terragnoli el guitar, banjo
Michele Rabbia drums, live electronics, percussions

Yorkestra is a QUARTET born from the album Diverso Lontano Incomprensibile it aims to bring into live performance Vanessa’s visionary music supported by the excellente artistry of some of the best italian jazz masters.

“In English, the Italian singer and composer Vanessa Tagliabue Yorke‘s Diverso Lontano Incomprehensibile translates as “different, distant and incomprehensible.” It certainly is different. But it is neither distant nor incomprehensible. It is close-up personal and, though strange, it makes perfect sense, just like a Thelonious Monk piano solo makes perfect sense. It is also beautiful, beguiling and superbly well crafted. For most of its one hour duration the album has little to do with jazz and more to do with contemporary classical chamber music. It is what used to be called art music.”

 Chris May per All About Jazz 


Vanessa Tagliabue Yorke, vocalist and composer, one of the most original figures of the current Italian jazz scene, weaves here a passionate story with the refined and authoritative language of one of the most important Italian pianists, Paolo Birro extraordinary musician who has collaborated with Lee among others Konitz, Ruud Brink, Scott Hamilton, Buddy De Franco, Art Farmer, Johnny Griffin, Gianni Basso, Enrico Rava. Starting from the common interest in research and the origins of jazz, with a particular light on Billy Strayhorn, Duke Ellington, Bix Beiderbecke and Hoaghy Carmichael, this duo opens a contemporary dialogue by completing the vision with original songs that are part of the shared recording repertoire over the course of happy years of uninterrupted collaboration.

Vanessa Tagliabue Yorke WE LIKE IT HOT

Vanessa Tagliabue Yorke voce
Francesco Bearzatti clarinet
Mauro Ottolini trombone
Paolo Birro piano

We Like It Hot released in 2016 by Artesuono is a live recording album inspired by the vitality of the variegated song book of traditional jazz of which Vanessa is a specialist, proposing songs drawn from the most refined records of Annette Hanshaw, Billie Holiday, Lil ‘Hardin, Bessie Smith, and the great composers who have made the history of jazz : Hoaghy Carmichael, Duke Ellington, Richard Rodgers, Louis Alter, Sidney Bechet and many more.


Vanessa Sings Edith Piaf is an engaging show that comes from the recording project curated by Azzurramusic in which Vanessa faces the repertoire of the great Edith Piaf accompanied by excellent pianists in a research that brings the great French song closer to the musical discourse of the Impressionist composers of the twentieth century.

The piano and voice duet could be completed with mesmerizing guests such as Francesco Bearzatti, Guido Bombardieri, Daniele D’agaro, Mauro Ottolini.