Vanessa Tagliabue Yorke – voice, arrangements
Paolo Birro – piano, arrangements
Andrea Bettini – piano

Over the years the memories have crystallized in my voice and have become indissolubly linked to it. One of these is the voice of Edith Piaf, to whom I wanted to affectionately pay homage in this work. A mysterious spell is stirred in this record and intertwines the music of Ravel, of Satie, of Debussy with the passion of Edith Piaf’s music. Like spiritual interference, their ideas tune in to my voice that suddenly meets them and then embraces them and ferries them seamlessly, in an open dialogue, where apparently alien ideas and rhythms peep out, but blend wonderfully with the music.

In this perspective it happens that Scriabin’s mystical harmony echoes in a gypsy song written by Georges Moustaki. The greatest composers and the most innovative literary authors wrote for Edith Piaf whom, with extraordinary taste and intuition, had chosen their happiest pages to make them immortal. Singing her songs is not simply a way to remember her by imitating her. I took everything I love, my favorite musical interferences, and let them flow inside the songs to create a living musical object, to dialogue with the memory of this great artist of the twentieth century.