by Mario Caccia

Vanessa Tagliabue Yorke: an amazing voice, especially a person of truly exceptional artistic caliber that is already talk about, able to articulate some original compositions starting from “contradanze” by Manuel Saumell and Ernesto Lecouna, brilliant Cuban composers of the nineteenth century. 

A brilliant Cd in its conception and realization! Completely inspired by the places and people that have seen the birth, accompanied and then lost forever Bas Jan Ader, Dutch artist active in the seventies of the twentieth century, who died mysteriously at sea during a performance which he entitled “In search of a miracle.” A musical project fulls of creative ideas and really unusual sounds: the harmonium Galvan, the Theremin, the Philicorda, the Susaphone, Shells, Trombone, Percussion African … Of note the presence of a cast of musicians very special : we mention Mauro Ottolini with all his highly original set of tools, and the great American pianist Ethan Uslan, three times winner of the World Championship Old-Time Piano Playing Contest Peoria IL – US.